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Any excess postage will be refunded when ordering through the Storenvy store. If the order is placed via e-mail, an exact shipping quote will be provided.

Orders are shipped between 1 and 5 business days after the order is placed.

Local USA orders take between 3 and 10 business days to arrive, once shipped.

Local German orders take between 3 and 5 business days.

International shipping delivery times may vary between 1 and 12 weeks.

USA orders ship from the Illinoisan Thunder headquarters based in Illinois.

Orders from anywhere else ship from the Super Sargasso European store based in Cologne, Germany.


Super Sargasso does NOT take responsibility for non-registered lost packages. Registered shipping is strongly suggested if lost packages are a frequent problem in your country. If you’d like to pay for registration for your order, please send an e-mail to to get an exact quote.


If you received a damaged item, please send an e-mail (with an attached picture of the damage) to to receive a full refund.


Super Sargasso available releases:

BlackQueen – “The Destructive Cycle” |CD| 2019 US$ 10

BlackQueen – “The Directress” |CD| 2018 US$ 10
Blood Cult – “Chronicle of the Cornfield Cult” |2CD| 2019 US$ 15

Crown of Worms – “Impalers March” |CD| 2019 US$ 10

Death Beast – “The Onslaught” |CD| 2018 US$ 10
Esoteric Sexual Cyborg/Lunar Graves/Incantamentum – “We are Spoiled Rockers Vol. II” split |card sleeve CD| 2018 
US$ 8

Feral Lord – “Victorious Hellfire” |CD EP| 2021 US$ 8

Gender Fluids – “Different Ways” |CD| 2021 US$ 10
Gender Fluids – “Incorrigible” |CD EP| 2019 US$ 8
Lunar Graves – “Cold Cosmic Ether” |card sleeve CD| 2016 US$ 8
Obsecration/Putrefied Remains – “Aeternam Inferni/Unborn Hate” split |CD| 2018 
US$ 10

Tjolgtjar – “Vruguun” |2CD| 2018 US$ 15
Xexyz – “Primeval Death Mountain” |CD| 2018 US$ 10